quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011

Are you Ready?

Email da AT&T... 10+ anos depois do esperado.

As you may already be aware, an important milestone is about to occur in the marketplace. The global inventory of IPv4 internet addresses is nearing exhaustion and eventually there will be no IPv4 addresses available to assign to end-users. The industry has been planning for this event for several years and is transitioning to a new addressing protocol, IPv6. This is an industry-wide transition that is not specific to AT&T.

This letter is to tell you about AT&T Hosting & Application Services efforts toward making our Internet Data Centers (IDCs) IPv6-ready and to encourage you to start planning now for your transition to IPv6. If you prepare now, you can take the steps necessary to allow uninterrupted access to your website during the transition.

Because IPv4 and IPv6 are not automatically compatible with each other, a dual-stack environment allows IPv4 and IPv6 to co-exist in the same devices and networks. AT&T is enabling IDC locations for dual-stack capability, starting with the "frontend" internet connectivity into the IDCs. We are also working with our suppliers to validate that the technologies we use in our Managed Hosting and Applications Services are ready for IPv6.

The IPv4 protocol is expected to remain in use alongside IPv6 for many years to come. Beginning in the 4th quarter of 2011, AT&T Hosting & Application Services will support customer requests to dual-stack existing IDC environments, via change orders. In many cases, new IPv6 address space assignments and configuration changes to your existing environment will complete the transition to dual-stack.

In some cases, your older hardware, and application software may not be IPv6 compatible, in which case a technical refresh will be necessary for your environment to accept IPv6 traffic.

Here's a link to a recent news release from AT&T on IPv6 Preparation.

Please contact your AT&T Account Team if you need any assistance with your IPv6 planning or readiness assessment.